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I finished the scrubs for my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday sometime last week and finally got around to taking pictures (on my phone). They were easy enough to make. All together they probably took about a day and a half, but I did it in bits and pieces before and after work. I love the way they turned out although I wish I had placed the front pockets a bit higher. Her other scrubs said she wears a small, so I made the small size but they still look big. I hope they fit.

I was very happy because she seemed really touched that I would make them for her. She even said that just that day she was putting in an order for more scrubs because she needed more. I’m glad she thinks she needs more because these will be my go-to present for her (Even though she has a huge closet FULL of them).

I used (what I think is) a Simplicity or a McCall’s “It’s SEW simple” pattern for the scrubs. They’re unisex and come in XS,S,M,L, and XL. They have the option of ribbon on the shoulder, which I didn’t like. I finally got to test out the button hole setting on one of my machines. I still need to get the hang of it and practice a few more buttons but I love it. The purple fabric I used for the pants was scarce at JoAnn’s so I bought it from two separate bolts and didn’t have enough for the pockets so I subbed some top fabric and I think it adds a nice touch.

I typed up a tag on my typewriter for her.

I was so excited about finishing Cinderella, that I couldn’t wait to get started on her prince! The whole project took maybe about 5 days at most. I used the same pattern as last year for Prince Naveen’s green jacket, so the pattern itself was already cut, saving me a lot of time.

I wanted to make the jacket as close to the movie as possible. I found a lot of pictures (even some from the actors at Disneyland!) that had embellished his jacket more than needed, with gold frills across his chest and a red collar and cuffs. While very prince-ly, well done and easily recognizable, it’s just not true to the movie (and a little annoying to do).


Turns out his jacket is simply white, with a gold collar and one gold rope around his chest.

Image   Image

So I tried to make mine as accurate as possible. I have yet to attach buttons, the gold rope, or make the epaulettes on his shoulders. I’ll post pictures when I do. The belt and pants should be a quick buy and I still have about 4 months, 5 if you include the month of october -since Halloween is at the end.

(Again, the quality of the picture is awful, sorry maybe when I finally join the world of technology and get an iphone they wont be so bad.)

By tomorrow I should have finished a pair of scrubs, so pictures and details coming soon.

I’ve just finished my Halloween Costume! I started very early to be sure I would be done in time, as I am a horrible procrastinator. I don’t have any in progress shots because I figured the quality would be pretty awful so It’s not worth it, sorry.  It could use some ironing, but I am VERY happy with out it turned out. Next I’ll get to work on Prince Charming!