I was so excited about finishing Cinderella, that I couldn’t wait to get started on her prince! The whole project took maybe about 5 days at most. I used the same pattern as last year for Prince Naveen’s green jacket, so the pattern itself was already cut, saving me a lot of time.

I wanted to make the jacket as close to the movie as possible. I found a lot of pictures (even some from the actors at Disneyland!) that had embellished his jacket more than needed, with gold frills across his chest and a red collar and cuffs. While very prince-ly, well done and easily recognizable, it’s just not true to the movie (and a little annoying to do).


Turns out his jacket is simply white, with a gold collar and one gold rope around his chest.

Image   Image

So I tried to make mine as accurate as possible. I have yet to attach buttons, the gold rope, or make the epaulettes on his shoulders. I’ll post pictures when I do. The belt and pants should be a quick buy and I still have about 4 months, 5 if you include the month of october -since Halloween is at the end.

(Again, the quality of the picture is awful, sorry maybe when I finally join the world of technology and get an iphone they wont be so bad.)

By tomorrow I should have finished a pair of scrubs, so pictures and details coming soon.