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Hello, so my friend came over and had this really ratty purse that she loved. She wanted a new version of the same purse. So we bought some floral fabric and I used a technique I found on craftster of using masking tape to create a pattern of something without having to rip it apart. It was amazing. Her purse turned out so cute, I had to make one for myself. I used the left over floral fabric from her purse and some extra really old fabric I had laying around. I decided to take pictures along the way incase anyone is interested. Also If I ever find the time to figure out how to scan my pattern pieces into the computer, I’ll add those to this.

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This past year I’ve been dying to make a very patriotic dress to wear on the 4th. I finally did it. Using McCall’s M6350 pattern, which I have used once before, I made this halter dress. Image

The white stripe on the waist was an afterthought when I realized how short the skirt would be. I shortened the skirt because the first time I made this dress it came past my knees. The pattern originally calls for the halter straps to be sewn in the back with buttons in the front. I sewed it to the front and have it tie behind my neck.

The first time I used this pattern, I must have measured incorrectly or something because it ended up being a size and a half too big. This time the size was fine, but my lining sucked. I’m not sure where I went wrong with the lining but I seem to have more lining than regular fabric causing the zipper to constantly get stuck on the lining. The style of the dress is very cute, the pattern directs you to create a pleated overlay for the bust which is adorable but I didn’t feel it was necessary for this dress and also i’m a little too lazy. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the darts in the bust or what but the last dress I made with this pattern and this dress both have very awkwardly fitting busts. It seems like the bust is a bit wide horizontally. I’m not in love with this pattern and I probably won’t use it again.


This is the dress I made with this pattern last time, pleated overlay and everything.