Hello, so my friend came over and had this really ratty purse that she loved. She wanted a new version of the same purse. So we bought some floral fabric and I used a technique I found on craftster of using masking tape to create a pattern of something without having to rip it apart. It was amazing. Her purse turned out so cute, I had to make one for myself. I used the left over floral fabric from her purse and some extra really old fabric I had laying around. I decided to take pictures along the way incase anyone is interested. Also If I ever find the time to figure out how to scan my pattern pieces into the computer, I’ll add those to this.

So to begin there are 4 pieces to this pattern. The bottom, the sides, the pockets, and the straps. The straps can be whatever length. Also unfortunately I got a little lazy with the pictures toward the end after I realized I attached the straps in the wrong way and had to redo them. So there wont be much instruction on those.

After cutting the pieces, sew the two bottom pieces, right sides together.

Then find the middle of a “side piece” and pin it to to one side of the bottom peice, right sides together.

Continue pinning the entire piece, the corner should be a little difficult so as to form the curve on the bottom of the bag.

Repeat this with the other side piece, pinning and sewing to the other side of the bottom piece.
Don’t forget to press and trim all seams, and to clip corners!

Once you turn it right-side out your corners should look like this

If you would like your bag to have a pocket I suggest attaching it now. I like to line my pockets, so with right sides together pin and sew the pocket pieces. Leave 1/4 or so of an inch unsewn at the top.

Once you turn your pocket right side out you can tuck under this top section and top stitch the pocket pieces closed. You’ll be sewing those pieces onto the side piece, by top stitching it closed you aren’t closing the pocket. (No picture for this)

Next are the straps, I don’t have any pictures for them, sorry. Cut them as long and as wide as you’d like leaving seam allowances and such. You should have 4 pieces if you’re lining your bag. Two strips for the straps and two for the lining. Sew one end of the fabric, right sides together, to the side of the bottom piece. It should be obvious where to sew them. And one end of lining in the same place on the lining. Leave the ends for your shoulder open for ease of turning later.

With right sides together pin the bag (and the straps) together. Sew. Leave a space for turning.

After pressing and trimming seams, turn right side out. Fold edges of the straps for the shoulder seam inward, place one inside another and sew. You can invisible stitch the space you left for turning or just top stitch the whole bag to close it.

This is my first tutorial I hope it was understandable and I’m sorry for the lack of pictures for the straps, they can be kind of tricky.