Monthly Archives: December 2012

For my spanish class, our final project assignment was very vague. It was just “pick something that is relevant to you, and relate it to spanish.” So I chose sewing, and made a quinceanera dress for a “doll”. It’s really for a 3 year old because I couldn’t find fancy dress patterns for dolls, and I can’t really sew with out a pattern most of the time. I ended up not having time to finish it, but my teacher didn’t care. I’m not very proud of this project, but It’s something.

spanish dress


Since my family is jewish, I don’t own a christmas stocking. This year, my boyfriend wanted me to hang a stocking on his family’s mantle, so he could fill it with presents. We went looking for a cute stocking, but couldn’t find anything. So I bought some fabric and made one. It only took about 10 minutes or less. Since it’s already christmas eve, I figured I’ll wait and embellish it more with my name or some cute christmas-y cross stitching before next year.