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Two years ago my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland Halloween Time as Tiana and Naveen from Princess and the Frog.



I made both of our costumes. I used a pattern for a basic strapless top, so I had to completely improvise all the leave parts of it. It turned out so well!

In progress:

Before I added the leaves. (the bodice and skirt are not attached at this point)


After adding leaves. (the middle one is flopping down)

I woke up the other morning and decided to sew a dress. I really liked the way my cinderella mock up dress that I made from a bed sheet turned out, so again I used the bodice from the cinderella dress and a gathered square for the skirt. This  time I used an old table cloth and I wanted to add sleeves. The sleeves from the cinderella pattern were too big as they are intended to be gathered both at the shoulder and around the arm. I attempted to base a few sleeve patterns off of other dress patterns, but in the end I just attached a rectangle to the bodice and adjusted it here and there to fit the look I had in mind.


I think adding sleeves gave me a better understanding of how sleeves work, and I feel i might actually be able to draft a pattern for some one day. Unfortunately my dress form is in my dorm room, and i’m on winter break so i’m not allowed to get into my room right now. So I had to wear the dress to model it, so it’s not a good picture or angle, especially of the sleeve, neckline, or skirt. But it gives you an idea.

back pattern front

Sorry for the terrible quality pictures.

This is (another terrible picture of) the blue cinderella mock up dress I made: