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I’ve started messing around with corsets, and got a little excited about making stylized Disney corset costumes. I originally made a mock up corset with some left over grey fabric and pink thread which made me think of Dumbo. I haven’t seen Dumbo in a very long time, so I googled him, and realized he wears a little red and yellow collar thing.

So I went to Joanns to get some red and yellow fabric for my corset. I used McCall’s 4861 pattern A for this corset.  I’m thinking I’ll make some grey and pink high waisted shorts to go with this. I decided to take pictures along the way as a makeshift tutorial.

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Since my family is jewish, I don’t own a christmas stocking. This year, my boyfriend wanted me to hang a stocking on his family’s mantle, so he could fill it with presents. We went looking for a cute stocking, but couldn’t find anything. So I bought some fabric and made one. It only took about 10 minutes or less. Since it’s already christmas eve, I figured I’ll wait and embellish it more with my name or some cute christmas-y cross stitching before next year.


I finally finished the Belle dress!!

My dress form refuses to stay at the girls height, it’s actually shorter than me, so the dress looks super long. But it looks perfect on her!

I’d like to start a blog for my sewing, even if no one will see it. Right now I don’t actually have a camera, so any pictures of my projects are going to be absolutely awful quality, but I look forward to posting about projects I make, the machines I use, techniques I find, etc. I hope I remember this blog exists, I’m pretty bad about that.