Belle’s skirt

I just wanted to post an update on Belle’s dress. I’ve been trying really hard to finish this dress, because she wants in about two weeks! It’s still unfinished. I need to make the lining, attach the bodice and skirt, and add a zipper. Then it will be done. Here’s what it looks like right now.

For the scalloped part of her dress I used a sheer material. I used the same pattern as I did for the base of the skirt (the gold part under the sheer fabric). The pattern makes a skirt with 6 panels, to create the look I wanted I basted and gathered at each seam, and in the center front and back creating 8 panels total, which is more accurate for belle. I attached some left over gold fabric to the bottom of the sheer to create the ribbon thing that drapes around belles dress, and it turned out pretty well. It looks a little uneven in the photo because this was taken before I finished hemming it.

Belles real dress:

I know it’s not a great picture, because she’s sitting down. But this is an image from the actual movie, where the scallops end at the ribbon, which is the look I wanted. In a lot of pictures the scallops continue to the floor, but I think this is more accurate and more beautiful.

This dress is turning out much better than I could have ever hoped for. I’m thinking of charging around 200$ 230$ for it. I hope that sounds reasonable. I haven’t talked to the buyer about the price too much. And that price includes the cost of materials which was altogether about 60-70$.


Beauty and the Beast

A friend from work’s cousin offered to pay me to make Belle’s gold dress from Beauty and the Beast for Disneyland’s Halloween Party this October. I don’t have long to make it but i’ve made some great progress. I’ve almost finished the bodice, I’ve made the base of the skirt. I just need to make the lining of the skirt and the gathered outer part of the skirt, attach a zipper and i’m done. This is a picture of the unfinished bodice. I improvised the shoulder pieces and was happily surprised with the way they turned out.

My bodice:


Belle’s bodice:

Belle’s dress was actually one of the only princess dresses I never wanted to attempt. The skirt was too intimidating and I could never find any patterns for it. I’m using two old McCalls pattern i’ve had for a few years. The bodice in the pattern is intended to be laced up either the sides or the front and back depending on the one you choose. This is the same pattern I used for my Princess Tiana dress. The skirt is a basic big skirt to fit a petticoat. The patterns are sold separately but I imagine they’re intended to be bought together for a renaissance fair.

The girl I’m making it for is slightly larger than I am so the patterns I’ve used so many times have been cut for my size. I searched multiple stores with patterns and could not find the pattern in her size. So I measured the distance between the sizes that were there, the distance between size 12 and 14 etc, and did the math to add centimeters to the pattern I have, so far it’s fitting my dress form (adjusted to her measurements) perfectly!  I love this pattern. I use it all the time and it’s so easy!

New Purse

Hello, so my friend came over and had this really ratty purse that she loved. She wanted a new version of the same purse. So we bought some floral fabric and I used a technique I found on craftster of using masking tape to create a pattern of something without having to rip it apart. It was amazing. Her purse turned out so cute, I had to make one for myself. I used the left over floral fabric from her purse and some extra really old fabric I had laying around. I decided to take pictures along the way incase anyone is interested. Also If I ever find the time to figure out how to scan my pattern pieces into the computer, I’ll add those to this.

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4th of July

This past year I’ve been dying to make a very patriotic dress to wear on the 4th. I finally did it. Using McCall’s M6350 pattern, which I have used once before, I made this halter dress. Image

The white stripe on the waist was an afterthought when I realized how short the skirt would be. I shortened the skirt because the first time I made this dress it came past my knees. The pattern originally calls for the halter straps to be sewn in the back with buttons in the front. I sewed it to the front and have it tie behind my neck.

The first time I used this pattern, I must have measured incorrectly or something because it ended up being a size and a half too big. This time the size was fine, but my lining sucked. I’m not sure where I went wrong with the lining but I seem to have more lining than regular fabric causing the zipper to constantly get stuck on the lining. The style of the dress is very cute, the pattern directs you to create a pleated overlay for the bust which is adorable but I didn’t feel it was necessary for this dress and also i’m a little too lazy. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the darts in the bust or what but the last dress I made with this pattern and this dress both have very awkwardly fitting busts. It seems like the bust is a bit wide horizontally. I’m not in love with this pattern and I probably won’t use it again.


This is the dress I made with this pattern last time, pleated overlay and everything.


I finished the scrubs for my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday sometime last week and finally got around to taking pictures (on my phone). They were easy enough to make. All together they probably took about a day and a half, but I did it in bits and pieces before and after work. I love the way they turned out although I wish I had placed the front pockets a bit higher. Her other scrubs said she wears a small, so I made the small size but they still look big. I hope they fit.

I was very happy because she seemed really touched that I would make them for her. She even said that just that day she was putting in an order for more scrubs because she needed more. I’m glad she thinks she needs more because these will be my go-to present for her (Even though she has a huge closet FULL of them).

I used (what I think is) a Simplicity or a McCall’s “It’s SEW simple” pattern for the scrubs. They’re unisex and come in XS,S,M,L, and XL. They have the option of ribbon on the shoulder, which I didn’t like. I finally got to test out the button hole setting on one of my machines. I still need to get the hang of it and practice a few more buttons but I love it. The purple fabric I used for the pants was scarce at JoAnn’s so I bought it from two separate bolts and didn’t have enough for the pockets so I subbed some top fabric and I think it adds a nice touch.

I typed up a tag on my typewriter for her.

Prince Charming

I was so excited about finishing Cinderella, that I couldn’t wait to get started on her prince! The whole project took maybe about 5 days at most. I used the same pattern as last year for Prince Naveen’s green jacket, so the pattern itself was already cut, saving me a lot of time.

I wanted to make the jacket as close to the movie as possible. I found a lot of pictures (even some from the actors at Disneyland!) that had embellished his jacket more than needed, with gold frills across his chest and a red collar and cuffs. While very prince-ly, well done and easily recognizable, it’s just not true to the movie (and a little annoying to do).


Turns out his jacket is simply white, with a gold collar and one gold rope around his chest.

Image   Image

So I tried to make mine as accurate as possible. I have yet to attach buttons, the gold rope, or make the epaulettes on his shoulders. I’ll post pictures when I do. The belt and pants should be a quick buy and I still have about 4 months, 5 if you include the month of october -since Halloween is at the end.

(Again, the quality of the picture is awful, sorry maybe when I finally join the world of technology and get an iphone they wont be so bad.)

By tomorrow I should have finished a pair of scrubs, so pictures and details coming soon.


I’ve just finished my Halloween Costume! I started very early to be sure I would be done in time, as I am a horrible procrastinator. I don’t have any in progress shots because I figured the quality would be pretty awful so It’s not worth it, sorry.  It could use some ironing, but I am VERY happy with out it turned out. Next I’ll get to work on Prince Charming!